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Raising Phoenix for Regeneration, Renewal and new Opportunities

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 regeneration, renewal and new opportunities.  The Phoenix, King of Birds, is famed for its ability to rise up from the ashes and to rebuild from nothing. It is the epitome of Fire energy, the celestial guardian of the South, and one of the four creatures that form the basis of Landscape Feng Shui. In 2023, the South plays host to the auspicious Prosperity Star #8, together with a Big Auspicious Star from the 24 Mountains, making this an extremely auspicious sector.  As we emerge from a difficult Tiger year and head towards a more conciliatory Rabbit Year, this is a year of rebuilding, and there is no symbol to better activate this kind of luck than the glorious rising phoenix. This king of winged creatures also represents a myriad of new opportunities on the horizon; more than that,it symbolizes the ability to capture those opportunities. As we are also in the advent of the Period of 9, which begins Feb 4th 2024, the #9 becomes more and more important, and more auspicious, and the Phoenix is the personification of that star number. 

 Colorful Phoenixes are also displayed in the south sector of fame and recognition. This magnificent bird is also synonymous with good fortune, opportunity, and luck in Asian cultures. In feng shui, the phoenix is also one of the four celestial animals. The phoenix is the symbol of the fire element and the south

Measure: 4.75" H x 3" W- Beautiful.