Yellow Calcite increases memory and learning abilities

Yellow Calcite increases memory and learning abilities

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Calcite is also known as the "stone of the mind." Calcite heightens mental discernment and analysis, increases memory and learning abilities. Calcite is the stone for students and academics, and can be indispensable at helping students to retain their lessons. Calcite is also useful during times of mental adjustments and disagreements. This crystal can show you a new way to look at a situation, easing you away from old outdated thought patterns that may be in the way of new ideas. It is perfect for the pocket, purse, or medicine bag, and make great stones for body layouts. This stone bowl offer multiple benefits, it can be placed on the study desk during study sessions, you can also grab a couple to take with you during exams or class.  

Additionally, you can use these to activate a specific chakra. Stick one stone over the chakra to receive the energy. You can stick the stone with regular medical/tape. 

Calcita for Solar Plexus Chakra:  Yellow Calcite is often used to enhance one's will and self-confidence. The sweet, subtle, and vibrant energy of these Yellow Calcite tumbled stones can sometimes be felt when placed directly on the Solar Plexus Chakra, and can infuse one with a sense of new hope and optimism to face the future. 


Includes one bowl of Yellow Calcite stones.