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ENERGY Insoles with Negative IONS

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ENERGY Negative Ions Insoles to recover QI body balance.  

The feet are a very important part of human autonomy. There are numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet, which are linked with the brain, which is known as "the second heart".

Keeping the soles of our feet healthy is not only related to wellbeing, but it also has greatly to do with life itself. There are six meridians running through the person's feet as well as the corresponding internal organs that form. The soles of the feet reflect the health of each person.

Getting a foot massage is one of the most effective methods of health keeping, however, having a negative ion energy insole with many convex heads is conveniently used to constantly massage the soles of the feet, while negative ions are being released through the meridians insole. This will greatly improve blood circulation, regulate and stimulate immunity, endocrine regulation, so as to alleviate the effects of fatigue, improve sleep, disinfection, beauty, and longevity, as well as promote the functioning of the metabolism.

These special negative ion-materials can release far infrared light waves which promote human meridian circulation, regulating energy and enhancing our health while promoting a healthy metabolism. This will help to reduce vascular obstruction as well as activate cells that assist the body in getting rid of harmful substances and heavy metals. Therefore relieving any existing swelling and pain, this is why sleep quality is great when treating the soles of your feet with negative ions.

High unit of negative ions, which can effectively alleviate the pressure to restore physical fatigue:

  • Aligns back and shoulders

  • Relieves lower back pain

  • Balances HIPS for easier movement

  • Reduces stress on knee joints

  • Cradles feet for improved stability

  • Reduce foot disease and slow down aging
  • Foot Relaxation
Negative ions level: 4000-5000 ions
Easy to cut the size according your foot size.