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Feng Shui 5 Element Card

5 Element Pagoda Card against misfortune caused by #5 Star

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The 5 Element Card Amulet features on one side the the image depiction of the Five Element Pagoda which is an excellent cure for the deadly #5 yellow star which brings accidents, financial loss and severe problems. It is also perfect for dissolving the #2 illness star, also known as the ‘Sickness Star’ which brings illnesses and ailments to occupants. The reverse side is the mantra and brief description.

As this 5 Element Card Amulet is designed as a handy pocket sized carry-along talisman card to fit perfectly into your wallet or purse, it is thus always prudent and auspicious to keep it with you for protection particularly against the 5 yellow and to avoid all forms of trouble. 

Measure: 3"H x 2" W- Made of metal. Wallet Sized.

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