feng shui Ruyi Scepter

The Ruyi Scepter Symbolizes Wealth and Monetary Gains

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Display the ru yi on your work desk to put yourself in a position of command. The Ru Yi (pronounced roo - yeek with a silent k) was originally a tool for high-ranking officials of Imperial China, as well as a famous carry-on of one of the star Gods, Luk. Feng Shui-wise, this beautifully crafted item symbolizes wealth, monetary gains, protection from misfortune and evildoings as well as an enhancement of a person's career.

Wearing a RuYi is a very potent Feng Shui symbol that we can utilize to help us in our business dealings. If you want to close a big deal, wear a Ru Yi (also spelled as Ruyi) and it will give you the authority and the leadership that will earn the trust and admiration of the people you’re meeting with.

The Gold Ru Yi is beautifully made out of metal, and finished off with a fine gold sheen. This item is finished off with a sophisticated touch - rhinestones strewn atop the base as well as are decorated atop this worthy tool to give it a punch of grandeur and classiness.

Measure: 4". Comes in gift box.