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Auspicious Buddhas for Desk.

Auspicious Buddhas for Desk.

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The Laughing Hotei Buddha signifies joy and happiness. 

Choose your Buddha by meaning: 

  • When holding a fan, he is waving and banishing troubles. Place this Buddha on the right side of your desk or night table to bring relax and prosperity. 
  • Holding ingots is a manifestation of wealth luck. Place it on the left corner. 
  • Buddha holding wealth balls as pearls represents wealth, potentiality, and wisdom. Place the Laughing Buddha on the left upper corner of your working desk to attract this energy. 
  • Carrying a Ruyi or scepter (meaning “as you wish”) symbolize power and authority which in turn leads to the achievement of goals and subsequent abundance. Place it at the far center or right position of your desk. 

Buddha measures 1.5" H - assorted styles