World Wide Shipping

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Flat Rate Shipping 

Our flat rate shipping cost for most countries is $26.00 which fits most orders placed worldwide. In the case that your package is larger or heavier than average, we will get in contact with you in regards to any additional cost for you to confirm your shipment. We strive to ship at the most economic rates worldwide. We ship via US Mail unless the customer chooses to pay for a private carrier, such as DHL, FedEx or UPS. 

NOTE: Our flat rate covers shipment using USPS carrier. if you want to use a different carrier to receive additional service such delivery forwarding or any other additional services USPS do not offer, please use a different carrier , this may cost more but offer more options on special delivery  options.  Using the flat rate you decline the right to claim signature confirmation.  

A tracking number is provided to our customers via email in order to trace the shipment. Please note: US mail will only trace the parcel up until it reaches the country destination. After that, we cannot be held responsible once the package is handled by the local carrier. Our tracking number serves as proof that we have fulfilled your order. We are responsible for any issues that the parcel may have within US territory, but once the parcel enters another country we can not be held responsible if the local carrier fails the delivery under any circumstances. We continue shipping orders around the world with exceptional success! 

We also offer a quotation for DHL, FEDEX and UPS service as per request, in this case, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide this service for you.  

For any questions please call 1-888-688-2088 or email us to