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TAI SUI 2023

TAI SUI 2023

God of the Year

The Tai Sui energy takes effect from December 21, 2022

Tai Sui is called the yearly God or Grand Duke Jupiter. It is a powerful energy that changes position in the chart annually and affects specific directions and zodiac signs.

During 2023 the Tai Sui is located in the East of each residence, affecting directly the Rabbit sign, which belongs to the East direction.

The opposite direction to the Tai Sui is called Sui Po or the Year breaker, another powerful energy that affects the West direction and the Rooster sign.

Zodiac signs most affected are; Rabbit, Rooster, Horse and Rat, they could experience their strengths or weaknesses magnified, with ups and downs, sometimes unpredictable, and life could become unstable. It can bring either good or bad luck and cause more stress and restlessness.

It is advisable to stay on the safe side, avoid conflict, and remain conservative during this period. Be more focused.




  • Avoid facing the Tai Sui (East in 2023) when sitting down.
  • Avoid remodeling or construction in the Tai Sui and Sui Po directions, East and West, in 2023.
  • Display the Tai Sui figure or Plaque in the East or Pi Xiu for protection at home.
  • Carry a Tai Sui amulet to stay on the Tai Sui side.