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DOG 2023

 Feng Shui DOG 2023

The DOG has some afflictions to contend with in 2023, with the Five Yellow and the 24 Mountains Stars bringing some dangers. A year when you need to stay well protected, so take note of the required remedies. Maintain an upbeat attitude and do not attract too much attention to yourself. Opportunities are there, you just need to spot them. Formulate firm goals but don’t be impatient about realizing them. An excellent “foundation” year to build for the future. Celebrate small successes to keep up morale, and be mindful of the company you keep.



(1934 / 1946 / 1958 / 1970 / 1982 / 1994 / 2006 / 2018)

Dogs will enjoy auspicious influences in 2023! There is stability in terms of income, though it is always wise to manage and keep track of your expenses.
Your fortune is dictated by how honest and sincere you are in your ways and work.
This is the ideal year to dive into all the collaborations and interactions that come up, as you will reap a wealth of knowledge and benefits that will serve you personally and professionally. You are graced with auspicious stars that bring noble people and mentors ready to offer their help. You have support from people around in whatever you need. Listen to the guidance of others, and maintain good relations with the people around you, opportunities may be presented to you from them. You might experience some stress and notice lots of small problems cropping up, but with the Dragon virtue star you have the ability to make these situations favorable. If you are offered a leadership role, it would be good to take it so long as you know you can be effective and take action in the role. There is also cosmic support for scholars, researchers, professors and those in the literary arts in their endeavors.  The Dogs who are 29, 41, 65, or 89 years old should expect a prosperous year financially. This points to this being a good money-making year. If you invest carefully and strategically, you may be able to increase your wealth by 2023. Dogs aged 53 have neutral money luck. It seems that your financial condition is not in immediate danger, and there is hope that it may improve. 77-year-old Dogs should not take any unnecessary financial risks this year because you have bad wealth luck. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

Dogs can look forward to some nice Peach Blossom luck! You can find someone to build a stable and long-term relationship with. Be sincere and have good, open communication.
For committed dogs, the warning here is to stay faithful and avoid getting into situations that could cause misunderstandings in the partnership or family. Loyalty and commitment are keywords here!
Don’t forget to spend time and strengthen bonds with the family.
Socially, it will be beneficial for you to put yourself out there and make new connections, network and build and strengthen those at work. Many opportunities, support  and guidance can come from the people around you as well as those you meet. If you encounter troublemakers- people distracting you from your goals or happiness- ignore them, focus on your goals and move forward.

Maintain a good work-life balance and avoid overworking yourself to depletion. Health is wealth, without health there is not much you can do. Keep a healthy lifestyle; be mindful of what you eat and incorporate some regular exercise or physical activity. Dogs aged 29, 41, and 89 are all in good health luck, while the 17 and 77-year-old have average health ratings. The Health Luck of the 53 and 65 is quite poor, which serves as a warning to be cautious. There's no need to put yourself through unnecessary physical stress while also going on some wild adventure hunt. Do not take your health for granted.

CAREER & EDUCATION: 17 years old - You should begin prioritizing your welfare in 2023. Maintaining a laser-like focus and a consistent pace of work throughout the year is strongly encouraged. Avoid procrastinating till the last minute because being unprepared is very stressful. There is no reason why you can't complete all of your goals for the year if you are able to maintain your focus. Carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman, Manjushri Wisdom Stupa Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card. 29 years old - You're at an age when change is possible and even encouraged, so if you want to try something new, by all means, do so! Your career and personal life both flourish this year, giving you a great sense of fulfillment. 41 years old - You can get side-tracked by new interests. Some may consider this a "mid-life" crossroads. If you're unhappy with the path you're on and want to make a change, this is the year to do it. 53 years old - Yes, you should exercise more caution when it comes to taking chances. Some of you may want to live a calmer life this year, but if you have goals in mind, be sure your intentions are clear. Your chances of success will increase by clearly defining your action plan. The Feng Shui Sky Porcupine is advantageous to this Dog. 65 years old - Pace yourself carefully to avoid exhaustion before the finish line. Activate your promising wealth luck by placing Feng Shui wealth boosters like the Liu Li Pak Choy with Money Frog and Ru Yi or Liu Li Glass Arowana for Abundance in the NW of your home. 77 years old - The best way to deal with the day-to-day is to let go of any worries and enjoy yourself. If necessary, you should reduce your travel and too busy lifestyle. Enjoy activities that need you to rely on your family and younger generations of descendants.  

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