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RAT 2023

 Feng Shui RAT 2023 Forecast

A tremendous year awaits the RAT with the #9 Future Prosperity Star in your sector, which is in the process of transforming into the Star of Current Prosperity. 2023 is the final year of Period 8. As we move into Period 9, the star influencing your luck is by far the most auspicious! Together with extremely positive 24 mountains indications, all your troubles from the recent past melt away! What you must do is activate good fortune luck with suitable feng shui enhancers, and don’t waste the opportunities that come your way this year. Take advantage of the big breaks that are sure to manifest for you!


(1936 / 1948 / 1960 / 1972 / 1984 / 1996 / 2008 / 2020)

It is a year where you may feel the need to, and could benefit from, simply enjoying yourself. Whether that is partying, traveling abroad, creating special memories with loved ones. Do be careful of the high expenses this could bring. Your work ethic and motivation might not match up to your spending habits this year, there could also be unexpected medical bills, so it is important that you be frugal in your spending. You could feel a bit undisciplined and rebellious, which could brew some issues at work as your behavior and tasks may be unsatisfactory. It is important to keep a clear mind, practice discipline, double-check your work to avoid any costly mistakes, and keep a good rapport with your superiors. You could enjoy a promotion, raise and handsome profits if you’re up for it. Investments are likely to work out well, utilize support system and don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from mentors around you. Rats aged 15, 39, 51, 75, or 99 years old have favorable element wealth luck, which indicates financial stability and their ability to take advantage of opportunities to increase their money. The neutral wealth luck of the 63-year-old Rats indicates that, while your financial situation may be better, you are not in danger of money problems. 27 and 87 years old, have weak wealth indications and cautions against being excessive with money spending. Risk-taking with money should not be done at this time. When gambling, exercise caution. Don't stake all of your savings on one wager. Avoiding risky investments or taking significant financial risks is preferable

You have one of the four Peach Blossom stars gracing you this year, so romance is a highlight. If you are single, you will definitely benefit this year. This could bring you someone who is steady, gentle and has cultivated a good image. Be mindful and gentle in your approach.
There is also chances of unexpected, intimate affairs.
If you are committed, the Red Matchmaker will help to strengthen your bond. Do be alert for arguments, fights and resentment- try to keep an open mind to other opinions and avoid being too self-centered.
Socially, you could be meeting lots of new people, and experience positive social interactions. This could even benefit your business as it can attract new clients, customers or followers. Family and friends will prove to be a good support system this year if you ever need it.

Health luck seems a bit poor this year. You may need to watch out for issues relating to the liver, gallbladder and kidney. Mental health issues such as insomnia, irritability could also come up. You want to avoid giving into arguments, engaging in slander or fueling any disputes or clashes with anyone as this could grow into something bigger. Incorporate therapy, meditative practices, breath work, tai chi, or anything that will help keep your mental health in check and maintain cool-headedness. Rats aged 15, 27, 75, and 87 years old are in good health. The 3 and 63-year-olds have neutral health luck readings. The 39, 51, and 99-year-old Rats are the ones that will need to be more cautious in 2023 when it comes to health issues.


The Rat sign indirectly conflicts with Tai Sui, the God of the Year, in 2023. Offending Tai Sui has the potential to ruin your fortunes in all spheres of life, including health, wealth, and love. Those impacted by Tai Sui should use extreme caution in all endeavors to not cause more disruption. If you don't, you may expect a year full of problems, setbacks, and difficulties. Place the Tai Sui Plaque 2023 in the East. You may also display his pet PIYAO in your living area to appease him.  Carry the Tai Sui Amulet 2023 and keep a Tai Sui Card 2023 in your wallet. Avoid Tai Sui's wrath this year by not seating yourself facing East.


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