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BOAR 2023

 Feng Shui BOAR 2023

For the BOAR, this is a year for taking things easy. Diplomacy counts for a lot in 2023, and that is where your strength lies. Avoid conflict and step in to be mediator when you are able; there are opportunities to be had here! While you have the Five Yellow and some 24 Mountains afflictions, these can be remedied with appropriate cures. Maintain your positive attitude and don’t let small things to fluster you. Keep your eye on the bigger picture to unlock the hidden potential of the year. You enjoy a Star of Big Auspicious, indicating some big breaks in store!



(1935 / 1947 / 1959 / 1971 / 1983 / 1995 / 2007 / 2019)

Pigs have a feisty and fiery battle year ahead. Taming your impulse is key. It is wise to stick to the familiar this year, and avoid entering new territory. Be generous and assertive. It is advised that you be very alert this year as it could bring betrayals, backstabbing and monetary losses as a result. Competition and office politics could boil up to confrontations this year and have you breathing fire and seeing red. It is important that you maintain your composure, do NOT give in to any confrontations or fights. Avoid the allure of any illegal business activity. You must remain levelheaded. Focus on upgrading your skills, it will prove to be worthwhile. Double check any and all plans, keep in mind there may be sudden changes or delays. There is luck and prosperity if you work in the restaurant industry, food and beverage industry, culinary industry, agricultural industry. It is a good year to save money and make good investments for Boars, who are 28, 40, 64, and 88 years old52-year-old boars have neutral financial luck. This suggests that you are now protected from financial hardship and have the potential to accumulate more riches. Boars aged 76 s should refrain from gambling and spending money on questionable enterprises because of your bad wealth luck rating. It is advisable to avoid having unrealistic expectations during this tough period in terms of riches. You must exercise caution while taking financial risks since taking a chance might have unfavorable outcomes. 

There is good romance luck for pigs in 2023. You could be meeting someone new and entering into a new relationship if you take the initiative. Be sure to reflect and consider what you really want before starting anything.
For those already in relationships, it’s a good year to strengthen your bond. Enjoy outings and social activities with your loved one.

Health luck is fine this year. As always be mindful of your diet and have some regular physical activity to keep health in check. As there could be quite a few obstacles, miscommunications, betrayals, annoyances, sudden changes at work— it is very important that you implement what you can in your regular routine to maintain cool and levelheaded. Always think of the long-term. Incorporate therapy, meditative practices, breath work. Don’t give in to the impulse of fire this year, as any confrontations, fights or dangerous situations will leave you with bodily injury or harm. Boars aged 28, 40, and 88 are all in good health, while the 16 and 76-year-old have average health ratings. For Boars aged 52 and 64, your health luck isn't the best. Don't stress yourself out, and cut down on the booze and the fat. If you feel sick, see a doctor immediately, so the problem doesn't worsen.

CAREER & EDUCATION:  16 years old - 2023 won't be as easy-going as last year. Therefore you need to change your outlook. This year, unlike the previous year, you will need to operate on your own. If you want to be successful, you have to actively seek it out. The greatest advice for you would be to continue focusing on your goals. Carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman, Manjushri Wisdom Stupa Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card. 28 years old - This year, surround yourself with individuals who will offer you lots of support. Avoid so-called pals who are always negative about you since you don't want them to destroy your good luck this year. 40 years old - Be ready to go off course if necessary. This is the year to focus on achieving concrete objectives that you may have overlooked or forgotten about. Carefully consider what is important to you. 52 years old - This is a year of major life decisions for you. You can feel like you are at a crossroads, with several options and ideas in front of you. You feel like you're in your prime at this age, but you can become tired of what you've been doing after a very long period. Some of you will know exactly what new hobbies you want to pursue while others won't, other than the fact that you need a change. 64 years old - In 2023, try new things and get beyond your comfort zone. Although you tend not to require much, particularly in terms of material luxuries, this is the year you may raise your standards of living. Be careful, however, as it will be hard to turn around once you do! - 76 year old - This year will be difficult for this Boar. You have a reputation for being stubborn, but this year you may need to make some concessions to put your health first. 

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