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 Feng Shui MONKEY 2023

 A fabulous year awaits the MONKEY with excellent indications from your Element Luck chart together with the Winning Star #1. 2023 brings opportunities with many new avenues to pursue, and a flood of new ideas injecting new creativity into your everyday routine. Follow the paths that catch your interest. There is a host of possibilities in 2023, and with your strong life force & inner essence, you can turn even mundane ideas into fabulous realities.



(1932 / 1944 / 1956 / 1968 / 1980 / 1992 / 2004 / 2016)

In terms of finances, it is a year for monkeys to be wary and wise. Avoid overindulging or being frivolous with your money; it would benefit you to budget and save where you can. Avoid volatile investments such as stocks and cryptocurrencies; you might find some opportunities with land or property investing, there will be support and some luck for that. Don’t be impulsive. You could see financial gains coming from a promotion at work, but it will come with its added responsibility. However, there can be some friction at work between you and superiors or other colleagues, avoid being aggressive as this could get in the way of career advancements and affect your reputation. You will experience a boost in problem-solving skills, creativity, innovation. Turning negative to positive, big problems to smaller ones. Good time to finish what you started. It is a year of growth and advancement. If you are a business owner, keep an eye on your bank accounts for any missing funds. Be careful with belongings, scams, swindlers and traveling to places that are dangerous.  The Feng Shui forecast predicts Money luck is favorable for monkeys who are 19, 31, 55, 79, and 91 years old. You're in a good spot to capitalize on emerging financial prospects and strengthen your financial status. Monkeys aged 43 have neutral financial fortune. Your financial condition is not in immediate danger, and there is hope that it may improve. 67-year-old Monkey need to exercise extreme caution with money spending due to poor wealth indicators. Taking chances with your money or trying to become wealthy fast might cost you a lot of money, so think twice before you act recklessly. Invest cautiously and keep your spending in check. Make sure your valuables are safe to avoid becoming the victim of theft or robbery. 

You could be meeting someone when you least expect it! However, you should allow things to naturally develop and do not force anything as it could work against you.
For monkeys in existing relationships, this year is excellent for communication and supporting one another. You are able to work through issues easily.
As for family, monkeys may need to pay some extra attention to elderly relatives this year, especially any elderly males, as they could be suffering from health issues.

Monkeys might be more susceptible this year to common minor illnesses, especially of the respiratory tract and throat. You could also be experiencing gastrointestinal issues. Avoid overexerting yourself this year. Be mindful of your diet and keep to regular exercise to maintain your health. The health of monkeys aged 7, 19, 67, and 79 are rated as good, whereas that of monkeys aged 55 is rated as average. The health luck of the 31, 43, and 91-year-old Monkey are not favorable, so take care of yourself and know your boundaries. Do not overstretch yourself. Keep a healthy routine of eating well and exercising regularly. Refrain from boozing and sexing around; both are harmful to your health. Visit a doctor if you're not feeling well.

CAREER & EDUCATION:  19 years old - This year will be full of exciting new experiences, but that doesn't mean you should neglect your other pursuits. Keep enjoying your life to the fullest because the more you do, the more you accomplish. It benefits you to carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman, Manjushri Wisdom Stupa Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card. 31 years old - Relax and go with the flow. If you are not easily frustrated and are prepared to be patient, 2023 has great potential for you. Your professional and financial futures are bright. 43 years old - You've got the zeal to keep moving forward with your fast-paced existence, but you should slow down and pay attention to your health now and again. 55 years old - Your future is promising, so you may go forward with some assurance. However, success luck is just neutral, so wait for rewards. This year, you'll need to think more long-term to achieve your goals. 67-year-olds - Regardless of where you go or what you do, you will continue to leave a lasting impact because you are full of vitality. However, financial success brings ill luck, so be wary. The path to success is long and winding, and you may have to overcome obstacles along the way. 79-year-olds - Those who are fortunate enough to have no health issues at this stage should continue to enjoy everything life offers. Grandparents should spend quality time with their offspring, while everyone should take a relaxing vacation. Have a good time. 



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