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Thousand Arms Kuan Yin for Protection- GOLD COLOR

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The Armed Kuan Yin is a formidable protector against various misfortunes, safeguarding relationships, family, and business endeavors while aiding in overcoming major life obstacles. Displaying the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin is a revered practice for transforming the negative influences of misfortune into joy and happiness. With a thousand eyes adorning the palms of a thousand hands, Kuan Yin possesses omnipresent powers, vigilantly watching over the world in every direction. This powerful representation serves to counteract negative energies associated with misfortune, ushering in positive transformations and blessings. Embrace the presence of Armed Kuan Yin in your space to invite protection, peace, and prosperity into your life, knowing that you are under the watchful gaze of a compassionate guardian.

Figure measure 7" H- GOLD COLOR only.