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Why people wear the pixiu bracelet?

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet
The pixiu bracelet is a traditional Chinese charm bracelet made from black obsidian. It is believed that the pixiu bracelet will bring good luck and fortune to those who wear it.
Why people wear the pixiu bracelet?

People wear this bracelet to draw money luck because it is believed the Pixiu works as a wealth attraction amulet. The Pixiu is a mystical creature with an enlarged stomach filled with semiprecious metals and gems. It became popular around the world as a potent good luck talisman because it is constantly chasing wealth. It is widely regarded as a dominant attraction of money.
 There are many ways to carry the Pixie amulet; one is by wearing the bracelet, which can be made of obsidian crystals or other semiprecious stones with properties ranging from good luck to protection. A Pixiu figure can also be displayed near the entrance to protect and draw money luck into the home; another good location is the southeast corner, which belongs to financial luck in feng shui.



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