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Feng Shui SOUTH Facing House

CURES for 2024

When the Flying Star 7, associated with robbery, betrayal, and loss energy, is located in the South sector of a house, it's crucial to take proactive steps to mitigate potential negative situations. Additionally, the presence of the Three Killings energy in the South further emphasizes the need for protective measures. Here's guidance on how residents of a south-facing house can address these Feng Shui challenges:

Understanding Flying Star 7 in the South:

  • Flying Star 7 is linked to challenges such as theft, betrayal, and financial loss.
  • Residents may experience heightened vulnerability to negative energies associated with this star.
  1. Three Killings Affliction:

    • The Three Killings energy in the South is a serious affliction that can lead to various losses and setbacks.
    • Place a Three Celestial Guardians or Pi Xiu figurine in the South to suppress the Three Killings and mitigate its adverse effects.
  2. Avoiding Renovation or Disturbance:

    • Given the presence of negative energies, it is advisable to avoid renovation or major disturbances in the South sector during this period. This helps prevent activating or intensifying the unfavorable energies.

feng shui south facing house 2024

Implementing Feng Shui cures in the South, coupled with carrying protective amulets,

is a proactive approach to mitigate the afflictions associated with the Flying Star 7 and the Three Killings energy. 

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