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Wealth Vase loaded with Money Symbols

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Flying Star #8 visit the Northeast sector during 2022.

The Dzambhala wealth vase is a great addition to your wealth and money altar and also to enhance the southeast/money sector for creating and maintaining wealth. The Cintamani wealth vase protected with the double Dorje, is filled with monetary symbols, semi-precious stones, ingots and coins to usher in blessings and good fortune. The Dzambhala is one of the central figures to bring wealth luck into your home. Display the wealth vase in your money altar to honor abundance or in the southeast/money area of your living room to bestow wealth and find opportunities to make wealth on the way. 

The Wealth and Prosperity annual Lucky Star visit the west sector of each residence in 2021. Display wealth vases and money symbols here, to tap into this luck.

Metal vase measure: 4.75" H. Metal vase includes mixed stones such as tiger eye, jade, citrine, agate, 1 elephant carrying jewels, mixed coins and ingots.

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