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Cintamani Wealth vase

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This gorgeous Cintamani Wealth Vase is charged with powerful symbols to activate commercial and business luck. Those involved in sales, or any kind of business or trading activities, should display this wealth vase to attract good luck, grow and succeed in business. This vase is loaded with great symbols and four of the most relevant crystal stones used for business success.

Citrine is the Lucky Merchants Stone. Citrine is an energy-boosting crystal that promotes a positive attitude. This is essential for success. Citrine is a great choice for achieving business success. Its sunny energy can help attract prosperity and abundance.

Green Aventurine is the stone of Opportunity. Green aventurine is one of the luckiest stones. It’s often thought to be wonderful for manifesting wealth and financial success.

Carnelian, the Stone of Career, Motivation Endurance. Carnelian is our favorite crystal for motivation. It awakens your passion to achieve goals with a single-minded determination. ( this stone when used Through energizing the Root and Sacral Chakra, can help you overcome self-worth and confidence issues. It’ll help you to stay focused on your targets and ignite the life force (Chi) in you. This makes it a great crystal when facing difficulties in business.

Tiger’s Eye is the stone of the Mind, is a grounding crystal, it can help keep you on track. It gives you the courage to remain focused and instill realistic intentions. ( nice for business)

This particular vase will be filled with a layer of rice at the bottom to follow the traditional Rice Urn for wealth. (It’s no coincidence that the wealth vase looks similar to a traditional rice urn as rice represents the wealth of a household. The rice urn is the stomach of a family and represents income, savings, business, and wealth abundance). 

Use Rice to fill the base of this Wealth Vase to create a solid foundation for our business and wealth. We use rectangular ingots to represent the wood element. The wood element is one that seeks ways to grow and expand. The green color is also present in this vase to support growth and money luck. The Ruyi scepter is always used for money-making opportunities and expansion, it symbolizes wealth and monetary gains. The victory banner is present to overcome competitors, obstacles and competition. To support achievements in business, get better colleague connections, and support from both subordinates and superiors, the monkey holding a peach riding a horse is also present in this vase.

....and to add more power to this gorgeous item, the design on this Vase is charged with the 8 auspicious symbols:

The Precious ParasolThe Precious Parasol gives protection from all evil.


The White Conch ShellThe White Conch Shell, represents the fame of the Buddha’s teachings that spread in all directions like the sound of the conch shell.


The Two Golden FishThe Two Golden Fish symbolize being saved from the ocean of earthly life and suffering.


The Knot of EternityThe Knot of Eternity represents the intertwining of wisdom and compassion, the perfection of knowledge.


The Vase of Great TreasuresThe Vase of Great Treasures a traditional symbol of good fortune representing the perfect nature of the dharma, longevity, and prosperity.


The Victory BannerThe Victory Banner signifies the victory of the enlightened teachings, knowledge over ignorance, overcoming all hindrances and the attainment of happiness.


The Lotus FlowerThe Lotus Flower is one of Buddhism’s most significant symbols. It is a symbol of enlightenment and mental purity. The lotus has its roots in mud, but blossoms into a beautiful flower. Similarly, though an individual may be impure, there is the potential to gain enlightenment and the perfect state.


The Eight Spoked WheelThe Eight Spoked Wheel known as the Wheel of Dharma that leads to perfection.


Metal vase measure 8" H x 4" w - Full instructions included.