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"NEW" Auspicious Wealth Vase

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Wealth Vase with Eight Auspicious Objects. Full loaded with Metal Ingots, Coins, Semi Precious Stones, Chundi Protection Coin, Money Buddha, Bejeweled Money Toad and Wind Horse red cloth to close the vase +  2 Incense cones to prepare the vase. We have selected Cinnamon and vanilla to embed this vase and its components with the proper energy.

Porcelain vase measure 7" H x 5.5" w. Weight 4 LB (loaded)  - International Shipping Cost could be adjusted when shipping this item, This Vase weight is 4LB. 

Instructions included. 

The Auspicious Wealth vase includes wealth symbols to create powerful energy as a feng shui money cure. You can add personal symbols that posses strong meaning for you to add more energy to your wealth vase. 

  We have selected vanilla, a sweet essence, and cinnamon to smudge the wealth vase. The smudging process charge the vase and its components with powerful energy   

  • Prepare and fill your feng shui wealth vase following the steps below. Start filling the vase with your clear intent for wealth. Having a clear intent as to why you are creating a wealth vase is very important and can energize your vase with the needed energetic fuel.
  • After the feng shui wealth vase is created, it is not supposed to be open again. If you have to open it, for any reason, then start again with all of the below steps. While the vase is never opened, you can sure clean it on the outside as necessary.
  • Display the Wealth Vase out of sight in a respectful manner. Do not display it openly. 
  • You can place your wealth vase in the Southeast Bagua area (Wealth and Prosperity), your wealth direction (kua number formula) or the yearly direction of the #8 wealth feng shui star. You can have more than one feng shui wealth vase in your home, and in any size you want.





How to Prepare the Vase 








International Shipping Cost could be adjusted when shipping this item, This Vase weight is 5LB.