Auspicious Pocket Mirrors- Wealth-Health-Networking & Victory

Auspicious Pocket Mirrors- Wealth-Health-Networking & Victory

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Carry small pocket mirrors. They can help attract good luck and bring positive vibes into your life while using often.

FRIENDSHIP & BUSINESS/NETWORKING : This pocket mirror ideal for someone who wishes to attract the right kind of people into your life. It promotes greater harmony in all your relationships. Acquaintances and casual friendships will turn into something much more meaningful ones - attracting a romantic partner for those who are single, fruitful alliances or mentor for those in business. This gorgeously colorful Friendship Vibrations Mirror featuring the Four Friends (Elephant, Monkey, Rabbit and Bird) on one side and empowered with the Wish Granting Mantra on the other side is a wonderful addition to your everyday carry-along.

WEALTH VIBRATIONS :  features the Pixiu to attract wealth and good luck in finances.

HEALTH VIBRATIONS: Combat ill health, tiredness or stress with this delightful pocket mirror featuring a prancing deer on the front and Wish Granting mantra on the back. The youthful and energetic deer is a powerful symbol of health and vitality. Carry to signify a constantly charged-up battery that allows you to withstand as busy a lifestyle as you choose. Ideal for anyone who feels they don’t have enough hours in a day.

WINNING MIRROR: This Winning Vibrations Mirror features a victorious race horse sprinting to the finish line to symbolize always staying ahead of the competition! The mirrors inside attract and magnify winning energies, making all your preparations worthwhile, imbuing you with the strength and determination to succeed, while helping all outcomes to fall in your favor. A superb enhancer for those going into competitive situations like sports meets, job interviews, auditions, as well as those applying for scholarships, approvals and permits. Reinforced on the back with the Wish Granting mantra.

Double mirrored, faux leather engraved with crystals. Measure 3" diam.