Wealth Vases are a powerful way to attract prosperity, abundance and wealth into your home. 

They symbolize accumulation of assets and security of financial gains.


Feng Shui wealth vases are traditional Chinese objects used to attract wealth and prosperity. They are considered powerful symbols and are believed to harness the energy of abundance and good fortune. Here's some information about their use, benefits, and proper placement:

  1. Purpose and Benefits:

    • Wealth Attraction: The primary purpose of a Feng Shui wealth vase is to enhance the flow of wealth and abundance.
    • Prosperity and Success:  These vases can also bring overall prosperity and success in various areas of life, including career, business, and personal endeavors.
    • Protection and Harmony: Wealth vases are thought to create a harmonious environment while protecting the household from negative energies that may hinder financial growth.
  2. Contents:

    • The contents of a wealth vase vary, but they often include auspicious items like gemstones, precious metals, coins, and symbolic objects that represent wealth and abundance.
  3. Placement:

    • It's important to place the wealth vase in an auspicious location, such as the wealth corner (also known as the southeast corner) of your home or office. This corner is associated with the Wood element in Feng Shui, which is linked to wealth and abundance.
    • If you can't locate the wealth corner, you can place the vase in a prominent area, such as a living room or office, where it can be seen and appreciated.
    • Ensure that the vase is positioned on a clean, elevated surface, such as a table or cabinet, rather than on the floor. Avoid exposing the vase to visitors.
  4. Activation and Maintenance:

    • To activate the energy of the wealth vase, you can perform a simple ritual, such as lighting incense or candles around it, while focusing on your intentions for prosperity and abundance.
    Our Vases includes a User Guide that outlines step-by-step instructions on how to set up and activate the wealth vase. This guide includes details on the placement, activation rituals, maintenance, and any additional practices or recommendations. Symbolism and Meaning. Feng Shui Tips and customer support for assistance or further guidance.