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Feng Shui Front Door Facing Direction

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 9th May 2020


Main entrances are the main portals in which energy is transmuted into the household. Feng Shui masters insist on the proper Feng Shui of entrances as it is the foundation of your home.

With simple cures and symbols you can empower and guide the energy to greater fortunes.

Buddha welcomers are powerful buddhas
that reside in certain directions and have influential symbolisms. When properly displayed where they reside, they will care for that direction in their own special way. This is why they are such a special addition to any main entrance or important door (office, bedroom) in your home.


The South is ruled by Ratnasambhava Buddha

One of his many purposes is to purify feelings of miserliness and greed.

Ratnasambhava transmutes the poison of spiritual, intellectual and human pride into the Wisdom of Equality. Tibetan Buddhists teach that with the Wisdom of Equality one sees all things with divine impartiality, and recognizes the divine equality of all beings. One sees that all beings have the same nature. 

He will assist in removing the obstacles to attain wealth in an honest form, allowing you to have more than enough so that you can easily afford to be generous. He is the promoter of generosity and deattachment of unnecessary material gains while assiting you in the healthy attainment of your wishes.

His color is yellow and orange, the color of the sun at its zenith. 


The East is ruled by the Akshobya and has the purpose of subduing anger and conflict. He is a powerful activator of the wisdom of patience and tolerance and will bring blessings of harmony in relationships and interactions with others. 

The name Akshobhya means "immovable" or "imperturbable".
The Wisdom of Akshobhya reflects all things calmly and uncritically, revealing its true nature.

He rules over the water element and personifies the component of the form, his representative color is blue.
His lotus throne is held by the elephant, symbol of perseverance and strength.

Invoke his blessings in your East facing home for a happy marriage, a harmonious family life, supportive work partners and frienships that last.


The West is ruled by Amitabha, he resides in the west, rules over the fire element and personifies perception.
Therefore, the eye and the faculty of "seeing" are associated with Amitabha. The peacock, with "eyes" in its feathers, is the one who holds his throne. The peacock symbolizes grace.

Known as the Compassionate Buddha, he destroys all attachment, promotes unconditional loving, and activates the wisdom of non-attachment.

The symbol of Amitabha is the padma, or lotus. In Buddhism, the lotus can symbolize many things, including spiritual development, purity, the true nature of beings realized through enlightenment, and compassion, the purified form of passion.


In the North the Amoghasiddhi is the ruler, he will assist and teach of destroying jelousy and pride and activates the wisdom of action. He teaches the Wisdom that Achieves Everything or the Wisdom of Perfected Action which is the antidote for the poison of envy and jealousy. This wisdom confers perseverance, infallible judgment and infallible action.

Amoghasiddhi is the Dhyani Buddha of the north. Its color is green, which means the sun at midnight. He rules over the air element and embodies volition, which can also be interpreted as mental phenomenon or the tendencies of the mind.

He brings success luck to all one’s endeavors and when you call on his help, he will help actualize your dreams into reality through action. He brings blessings for all of your loftiest aims and goals to be realized.