Amoghasiddhi NORTH Buddha

Amoghasiddhi NORTH Buddha

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In the North the Amoghasiddhi is the ruler. Its color is green, which symbolizes the sun at midnight. He rules over the air element and embodies volition. He brings success luck to all one’s endeavors and when you call on his help, he will help actualize your dreams into reality through action. He brings blessings for all of your loftiest aims and goals to be realized.


He will assist and teach of destroying jealousy and pride and activates the wisdom of action. He teaches the Wisdom that Achieves Everything or the Wisdom of Perfected Action which is the antidote for the poison of envy and jealousy. This wisdom confers perseverance, infallible judgment and infallible action.

Metal hanger and wooden beads. Hanger measure 2.5" diam.