Akshobya EAST Buddha

Akshobya EAST Buddha

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The East is ruled by the Akshobya and has the purpose of subduing anger and conflict. He is a powerful activator of the wisdom of patience and tolerance and will bring blessings of harmony in relationships and interactions with others. The name Akshobhya means "immovable" or "imperturbable".  The Wisdom of Akshobhya reflects all things calmly and uncritically, revealing its true nature. He rules over the water element and personifies the component of the form, his representative color is blue. His lotus throne is held by the elephant, symbol of perseverance and strength. Invoke his blessings in your East facing home for a happy marriage, a harmonious family life, supportive work partners and friendships that last.

Metal hanger and wooden beads. Hanger measure 2.5" diam.