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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Horoscope for JULY

(7th July - 7th August 2023)




RAT SIGN: Prosperous Month for Rats (July 7th - August 7th)

Rats, brace yourselves for an incredible month ahead as the Prosperity Star promises abundant returns on your endeavors. Success comes effortlessly, and your Big Auspicious Stars may even materialize! If you're invested in the stock market, expect substantial gains, while those planning to sell will receive numerous offers. The #8 star brings wealth your way, and it's important to share your good fortune by donating to charity. To enhance your wealth, consider displaying the 3 Sheep On A Mountain "San Yang Kai Tai" or Yellow Liu Li Sitting Wealth God in the North. Carrying the Three Sheep On A Mountain Amulet or the Big Money Bull Amulet can also attract immense wealth.

With the #8 star boosting your wealth prospects, Rats with specific goals will find them easily attainable. However, it's important to remain humble and not flaunt your success. Extend a helping hand to others and spread goodwill whenever possible. This month holds golden opportunities for Rats in business, with healthy cash flow. It's a time to take calculated risks, aim high, maximize revenue streams, seek partnerships, and launch daring ideas. To further enhance your wealth luck, carry the Income Generating Amulet.

Love is in the air, and Rats are likely to experience a surge in their romantic lives. Whether single or in a relationship, finding companionship won't be a challenge. However, married Rats must be cautious of third parties trying to disrupt their relationships. Avoid succumbing to temptation and safeguard the stability of your partnership. . It's also an opportune month to strengthen family ties. Make an effort to spend quality time with your family members and extended relatives. Initiate family chats, send thoughtful gifts, or organize a gathering to foster a deeper connection.

For student Rats, while you may be eager to explore new experiences, remember to maintain a balance. Don't neglect your schoolwork and keep yourself out of trouble. Your grades are promising, so enjoy yourself responsibly. Carrying the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman can enhance your academic pursuits.


OX SIGN: Blessed Month for the Ox (July 7th - August 7th)

The Ox is in for a blessed month as the #6 Heaven Star graces your presence, accompanied by your Heaven Seal, bringing forth a period of bliss and fulfillment. This is the time to engage in commercial projects and investments as success is on your side. Trust your instincts and have faith in your decision-making abilities. The strong windfall luck indicates a high chance of recovering from previous losses. Additionally, you enjoy mentor luck, attracting the guidance of influential individuals. Nurture these relationships as they can greatly assist you in the future. Carrying the Windfall Luck Amulet and Dragon Heaven Seal Amulet can enhance your fortune. To tap into your Big Auspicious luck, consider carrying the Trio Of Lions Charms or displaying the Three Lions On Drums. For mentor luck, the Feng Shui Jade Emperor Keychain or Nobleman Star Talisman can be beneficial.

Your innovative approach shines through in your work. When striving to achieve your goals, challenge the status quo and embrace new ideas. This is an excellent time to seize opportunities as positive news follows your diligent efforts. If change is on the horizon, trust that everything will fall into place smoothly. To ascend quickly in your career, consider displaying the Wish-fulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi) or Magic Golden Earth Dragon on your work desk. With any negative influences weeded out, your team is strong and ready to excel. Money luck sees tremendous improvement, so don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone.

Spending quality time with family and friends will uplift your spirits during this period. If you are single and available, romantic prospects are favorable, and expressing your feelings may lead to a positive outcome. Enhance your love luck by carrying the Romance Comb Keychain. For young Ox individuals, mentorship luck is high, and you may encounter someone who holds exciting opportunities for your personal and professional growth.


TIGER SIGN: Month of Refreshing Celestial Energies for the Tiger (July 7th - August 7th)

The month ahead ushers in refreshing celestial energies into your life, making it easier to overcome obstacles and achieve satisfactory progress. It is important to have clear goals and forge ahead with determination. While you may encounter some toxic individuals, maintain an open mind and navigate these situations with grace. Students, as well as those striving to advance in their careers or entrepreneurial endeavors, should proceed with courage, as you will benefit from wonderful energies this month. Mentorship luck is also on your side. Enhance your heaven luck by carrying the Dragon Heaven Seal Amulet. For further mentor luck, consider carrying the Jade Emperor Keychain or Nobleman Star Talisman. 

In the workplace, you enjoy support from influential individuals who matter. If you are aiming for a promotion, this month presents a favorable opportunity. Set your sights high and stand your ground when faced with challenges. Embrace opportunities, as positive results come easily to you. If offered a chance to try something new, seize it without hesitation. Your progress will continue to be fruitful as long as you remain mindful of your decisions. Trust your instincts in business matters, and with negative influences weeded out, you have less to worry about. If a problem seems overwhelming, seek and accept assistance when it is offered. To boost your heavenly luck, consider placing the Gui Ren Plaque or Magic Golden Earth Dragon in the northeast of your space.

For single Tigers, this is a favorable time to find love, as divine intervention works its magic in bringing romance into your life. If you are seeking a life partner, displaying the Feng Shui Romance Lock in the northeast of your bedroom can attract soulmates with whom you share a deep connection. The young Tiger benefits greatly from the presence of a mentor figure who plays a significant role in your life. If you have a mentor, consider yourself fortunate, as there is much to learn from their guidance and wisdom.

 RABBIT SIGN: Transformational Month for Rabbits (July 7th - August 7th)

According to your horoscope forecast, this month brings transformation and positive energy for Rabbits, as the #1 Victory Star shines upon you, bestowing invigorating chi, competitive luck, and auspicious new beginnings. It is a time to set your priorities and aim to achieve your goals. Consider investing in real estate or the stock market, as positive results are likely to follow. If you desire a significant change in your life, trust that everything will turn out well, and take the first steps to make it happen. To enhance your success luck, carry the Joyous Windhorse Amulet Keychain, and ensure that everything falls into place at the right time by carrying the Green Dragon Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Amulet. Consider placing the Wish-fulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi), Joyous Windhorse, on your desk to manifest your career aspirations.

At your workplace, you leave a lasting impression by consistently meeting your targets. If your goal is to climb the corporate ladder, express your intentions to the universe. Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone when opportunities arise. You also enjoy strong support from various sources, so make the most of these auspicious energies. It is a spectacular month for Rabbits in the business field, so embrace new plans and challenges. Trust your instincts when making business decisions, and ensure that you have clear goals and focus on what truly matters.

This month is also favorable for entering the dating scene, as you exude charm and charisma that captivate everyone you meet. For those in relationships, positive outcomes await if you wish to take your connection further. Married Rabbits can expect a harmonious and worry-free period. As a student, you feel motivated to excel in your studies, and teachers quickly recognize your potential, boosting your popularity. With determination and focus, you can achieve everything you set your mind to during this transformative month.

DRAGON SIGN: Month of Caution for Dragons (July 7th - August 7th)

Dragons, especially those of the Metal and Earth elements, must pay attention to any unusual signs their bodies may give them. The arrival of the monthly #2 Illness Star increases the risk of falling ill. It is crucial to avoid pushing yourself beyond your limits, as this star drains your weak chi. Balancing your energy levels with your expectations is key to getting through the month. Take time off work to rest and prioritize self-care. Displaying the Great Magic Tortoise or Brass Wu Lou in the southeast can activate the lucky energies of the #2 star while minimizing its inauspicious effects. Carrying the Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet or Healing Herbs and Longevity Wu Lou Keychain can boost your immunity and promote swift recovery from illness.

Due to depleted energy levels, it's important not to over promise or take on more than you can handle. You may need to put in extra hours at work, so reorganize your schedule to ensure you can complete tasks without compromising your health. Maintaining professionalism and politeness is essential, as having supportive allies will help you navigate this challenging period. Dragons in business should avoid shouldering all the responsibilities themselves, as it can lead to burnout. If possible, delegate tasks to lighten your workload and avoid overwhelming your team with new projects. While the energy lull may put you in a bad mood, try to avoid being too harsh when things go wrong. Keep the God Of Longevity Metal Gold Card in your wallet and hang the Metal Wulou with 5 Coins and Bells Hanging in your car for additional protection.

Dragons may face difficulties in the dating scene, with low energy levels making it challenging to pursue relationships. Displaying the Peach Blossom Rooster in the west of your bedroom can help boost your love luck. For those in a relationship, appreciate the support and care from your partner, and avoid nit-picking or being overly critical. Young Dragons may struggle to stay focused during classes. To achieve good grades, ensure you prioritize getting enough sleep at night. Beware of accidents and take extra care of yourself. 

SNAKE SIGN: Month of Prioritizing Health for Snakes (July 7th - August 7th)

Snakes, especially those born in Metal and Earth years, are faced with stronger yin energies due to the visiting #2 Illness Star. This is a time when you need to prioritize your health and well-being. As you approach the Period of 9, the negative effects of the #2 star weaken. It is essential to manage stress levels and ensure you get enough rest. Set realistic goals for the month and consider scheduling a break from work to recharge. Placing the Healing Herbs and Longevity Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha in the southeast can help boost your immunity and promote swift recovery from illness. Carrying the Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet or Stay Healthy Amulet can also contribute to good health and longevity.

Your productivity level may decline during this period, causing some distress. Those in highly demanding jobs may even experience illness due to the hectic pace. If you have deadlines to meet, be mindful of avoiding mistakes and reassess your schedule to ensure tasks are completed effectively. Focus on finishing existing tasks rather than taking on new projects. Carrying the Feng Shui Life Force Amulet and Spirit Essence Amulet can help boost your energy levels. As a business owner, it is crucial to delegate some responsibilities and trust in your team. Consider delaying new projects, contract signings, and collaborations. If feasible, bringing in additional help can alleviate the workload.

Relationship luck may be weak, and your low energy levels may contribute to feeling grumpy. Those in long-term relationships should be mindful of sending clear signals to their partners and make an effort to communicate their feelings.  Student Snakes may find studying more challenging during this time. To stay on top of your academic pursuits, prioritize maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. This may require reorganizing your schedule and making sacrifices. Remember that the efforts you put in will be worthwhile in the end. Displaying the Feng Shui Pagoda in your study area and carrying a Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman can aid in your educational endeavors.


HORSE SIGN: Month of Vigilance for Horses (July 7th - August 7th)

Horses, this is a month to keep your guard up as vicious energies of betrayal and violence surround you. Pay close attention to your surroundings and avoid taking unnecessary risks, such as staying out late at night. It is important not to trust people too easily and to be wary of pushy individuals. If something feels off or your instincts tell you to be cautious, listen to those inner signals. Avoid making important decisions during this time and focus on preserving your wealth rather than seeking to improve it. Take a break from the stock market and refrain from visits to the casino. Placing the Feng Shui Anti Burglary Plaque 2023 or Royal Elephant And Cosmic Rhinoceros in the south of your space can provide protection against money loss and ward off those with evil intentions. 

In the workplace, it is advisable to step out of the limelight and avoid unnecessary attention. Focus on maintaining the quality of your work by double-checking everything you do. The state of your reputation will depend on the excellence of your work. For those in business, it is not a favorable time to sign new deals or engage new suppliers. Instead, use this period to stay vigilant, keeping a close eye on your finances and monitoring any unusual activity. Weed out troublemakers if you detect any. Displaying the Magnificent Kwan Kung With 5 Flags can offer protection against betrayals and help you overcome obstacles to achieve success. Carrying the 5 Dragon Kuan Kung Talisman can also provide additional support.

Horses in rocky relationships should avoid allowing insecurities to escalate conflicts. Instead of fighting, focus on wooing your partner back with romantic gestures and expressions of love. For some Horses, this may be a time to consider letting go of relationships that are no longer serving your well-being. It is not a favorable period for home renovation, and unexpected expenses may arise, so be mindful of your spending. Ensure your car and home alarm systems are up-to-date for added protection. Attaching the Burglary Prevention Window Stickers and carrying the Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet can provide additional security measures.

SHEEP SIGN: Month of Exceptional Opportunities for Sheep (July 7th - August 7th)

Sheep, this is an exceptional month for you as you play host to the #9 Magnification Star, which strengthens your resident #1 star. The combination of these stars forms the Sum-of-Ten, removing obstacles and bringing swift completion to everything you pursue. Aim high, as you have the potential to achieve your goals quickly. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and embrace strategic thinking. Any opportunities that come your way are likely to lead to great success. To capture all the auspicious emanations of the #9 Star, consider displaying the Nine Rank Badge Plaque In Royal Blue in the southwest. Carrying the Feng Shui Sum of Ten Amulet can activate completion luck and accelerate your success.

On the career front, things are looking bright, and you may even receive recognition or rewards for your hard work. If you hold a leadership position, you continue to inspire and bring out the best in those you work with. With abundant energy at your disposal, set ambitious career goals and work diligently towards achieving them. However, remember to give credit where it is due and refrain from bragging, as this could instigate envy among others. It will be a busy month for those in business, with high staff morale and lucrative opportunities coming your way. Your popularity soars, making it easier to collaborate and work harmoniously with others. If you have grand ambitions, this is the time to pursue them. Consider carrying the Victory Banner Keychain to further enhance your success.

MONKEY SIGN: Busy and Prosperous Month for Monkeys (July 7th - August 7th)

Monkeys, get ready for a busy month ahead, but rest assured that you can manage it all with ease. You are blessed with completion luck and the energizing effects of the incoming Star of Future Prosperity. This combination opens up exciting new opportunities for you. The #9 star is also the Magnification Star, amplifying your prospects both at work and in your personal life. There are no limits to what you can achieve, so keep reaching for the stars. This is also an excellent time to lay the groundwork for a more secure future. To capture all the positive attributes brought by the #9 Star, consider displaying the Nine Rank Badge Plaque In Royal Blue & Gold in the southwest. Carrying the Sum of Ten Amulet can ensure a month free from obstacles.

At work, you thrive when you have a lot on your plate. Be proactive by volunteering to take on more tasks and responsibilities. Your leadership qualities shine brightly, so embrace opportunities to take the lead. It is a favorable time to impress those who hold influence. Speak up with your ideas and don't hesitate to stand your ground when challenged. Monkeys in business enjoy fame and publicity luck, making it an ideal time to network and build connections. People have a positive perception of you, and everything you do in terms of marketing initiatives is well-received. Consider carrying the Red Phoenix Keychain for added success and recognition.

In matters of love, follow your heart's desires. Singles have a chance of finding love during this period, so keep an open mind and be receptive to new connections. For those in new or steady relationships, there may be a natural urge to take things to the next level. If you go with the flow and trust the process, things are likely to work out well. It is a successful year for student Monkeys, as you seem to achieve all that you set your mind to. Surround yourself with friends who inspire you and maintain a vibrant social life, as it can enhance your focus and drive in your studies.

ROOSTER SIGN: Challenging Month for Roosters (July 7th - August 7th)

Roosters, the Feng Shui horoscope predicts that this will be one of the toughest months for you this year. Obstacles may stall your progress and throw your plans into disarray. However, it's important to remember that you are strong enough to withstand the negative impact. Don't let small setbacks dampen your spirits. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your life and use this time to plan for the future. While new opportunities may be beckoning, it is advisable to wait until next month to start anything new. 

For students, this month could be tiring, with minor obstacles impeding your momentum. To remedy the effects of the annual #5 star, place the Emerald Pagoda in the northwest of your space. Additionally, placing another pagoda in the west can help subdue the monthly #5 star. Carrying the Emerald Pagoda Amulet with you at all times can provide further protection and support.

At work, your best course of action is to stay under the radar and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Swallow your pride and focus on completing tasks rather than seeking perfection. By staying on track and utilizing your team's strengths, you can navigate the obstacles that arise. It is not a favorable month for making changes or experimenting with new ideas, so maintain a close watch on cash flow and reduce unnecessary expenses.

In love relationships, it is best to maintain the status quo and avoid dwelling on the negative. Though you may not be in the best of moods, remember that energy can rub off on others. Make an effort to maintain a cheery disposition and keep the lines of communication open with your partner. They will likely be supportive in return. Enhance love luck with the Romance Comb Keychain. As a student, assignments may take longer than usual to complete. Take comfort in the fact that the energies will improve next month. If needed, don't hesitate to ask for help. Placing the Manjushri Plaque in your study area can also provide assistance and guidance during this challenging period. 

DOG SIGN: Month of Happiness and Advancement for Dogs (July 7th - August 7th)

Dogs, rejoice! This month is filled with happiness as the Peach Blossom Star replaces the monthly Five Yellow, bringing a positive shift in energy. Successful relationships, particularly romantic ones, contribute to your overall happiness. Friends are attentive and their support proves invaluable. Utilize your talent for getting along well with others to significantly advance your work and personal matters. Building alliances, especially with business associates, should be done with a strategic approach. Study luck is favorable for young Dogs, and attaching the Networking and Friendhip amulet activator to your bag can enhance your popularity and attract the right people.

Creativity shines for Dogs, especially those in fields involving writing, research, and communication. However, Dogs in other professions also enjoy incredible career luck during this period. It is a great time to start new projects and seize new opportunities. Focus on building a good rapport with your colleagues in the workplace. Much of your commercial success will stem from making the right connections, so networking and engaging with others is highly beneficial. Meetings and negotiations are likely to be fruitful, and if you require assistance, don't hesitate to ask for it. Carrying the Networking and Friendship Luck Amulet can further enhance your networking and relationship-building endeavors.

For single Dogs, this month presents many possibilities in the realm of romance. It is a favorable time to take your relationship to the next level, as something special could grow from it. However, it's important to be cautious of temptation brought by the #4 Star. Avoid engaging in frivolous affairs, as a wrong move now could have severe consequences. Carrying the Love Vibrations Mirror or Marriage Lock Amulet Keychain can help protect your relationships and enhance love luck.

Young Dogs are focused and enthusiastic about their studies. You are surrounded by supportive individuals who uplift you. If you have exams to prepare for, proceed with confidence. Carrying the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman can boost your scholastic luck and support your academic pursuits.

BOAR SIGN: Month of Networking and Relationship Success for Boars (July 7th - August 7th)

Boars, get ready to put your networking skills to good use! The #4 star arrives, improving all of your relationships. Your major luck lies in your ability to get along with people and persuade them to see things from your perspective. This star also brings positive effects for students and anyone learning new skills, as it enhances their learning and improvement. Success luck is also on your side, so don't hesitate to explore new opportunities. Carrying the Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms can further boost your networking luck. For those seeking love, get the Peach Blossom Rat and place it in the north, writing your wishes inside.

At your workplace, you effortlessly have the upper hand in negotiations. You feel inspired by numerous ideas, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in your contributions. Effective communication and sharing your ideas with influential individuals are crucial. This is a favorable time to sign deals and engage in negotiations, as you easily win people over. Your success heavily depends on your relationships, so make it a priority. Stay active and visible on the social scene, as you never know when you might meet someone who can make a life-changing difference. Carrying the Networking Luck Amulet can further enhance your networking efforts and relationship success.

For single Boars, you are the ultimate charmer when you want to be. Those seeking romance will have a high chance of finding it during this period. However, for those in relationships, juggling multiple lovers is not advisable, as the consequences can be detrimental. Enjoy the dating process a little longer and take the time to get to know potential partners. Carrying the Love Vibrations Mirror or Marriage Lock Amulet Keychain can help enhance your love luck and protect your relationships.

Anything related to study and research goes well for Boars this month. Take advantage of this positive energy and focus on your academic pursuits