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Feng Shui Decoration for Wealth

When it comes to feng shui decoration for wealth, the focus is on creating an environment that supports the flow of abundance and prosperity. Here are some tips to enhance the wealth energy in your home:


  1. Activate the wealth corner: In feng shui, the southeast corner of your living room (or your entire home) is considered the wealth corner. Place symbols and decor associated with wealth in this area. Good options include a wealth bowl or jar, a money plant (such as a jade plant), a water feature like a small fountain or a God Deity.
  2. Incorporate colors that support the "wood" element ( southeast), such as greens and brown palettes. Introduce these colors in your decor, such as through pillows, curtains, rugs, or artwork. 
  3. Use mirrors strategically: Mirrors can reflect and amplify energy. Place a mirror on a wall adjacent to your front door to symbolically double the wealth energy that enters your home. However, avoid placing mirrors directly facing the bed or reflecting cluttered areas, as they can disrupt the energy flow.
  4. Display wealth symbols: Incorporate feng shui symbols of wealth and abundance in your decor. Some popular symbols include a wealth ship, a laughing Buddha, a three-legged toad, or a wealth god statue. Display them prominently in your living room, preferably in the wealth corner or where they can catch your attention easily.
  5. Add natural elements: Decorate your living room with natural elements that symbolize growth and prosperity. Use plants with round, lush leaves, such as money plants, bamboo, or lucky bamboo. You can also include natural crystals like citrine or pyrite, known for attracting wealth energy.
  6. Keep the space clutter-free:K Clutter can hinder the flow of energy and create stagnant energy pockets. Keep your living room clean, organized, and free of unnecessary items. Clear out any items that remind you of lack or financial stress. Make sure there is ample space for energy to circulate freely. Remove expenses bills and receipts from this sector.
  7. Ensure good lighting: Bright and well-lit spaces are associated with positive energy and abundance. Maximize natural light by using sheer curtains or blinds that allow light to filter in. Incorporate good-quality artificial lighting to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere.
  8. Create a welcoming entrance: The entrance to your living room should be inviting and free of obstacles. Make sure it is well-lit and clutter-free. Consider adding a welcoming doormat or placing the nine coins under the Doormat to link the money energy to your entrance. Also, an auspicious symbol, such as a pair of foo dogs or 8-9 Lucky Coins, attracts positive energy and wealth into your home.

Remember that feng shui is a holistic practice, and enhancing wealth energy requires a combination of factors, including mindset, action, and environment. Applying these feng shui principles can help create an environment that supports your financial goals and invites abundance into your life.