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The Healing Powers of the Selenite Crystals- Properties & More

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 10th Apr 2018


The Healing Powers of the Selenite Crystals


Selenite, often times called "the liquid light", is one of the prettiest, most elegant and powerful crystals you will ever come accross.

With its pristine white color, the Selenite has the power to cleanse the aura field and retain negative energy, and what is best; this stone is a self cleanser.

You do not need to cleanse it yourself like many other stones.

Selenite is a very sensitive stone that acts just like a liquid light from this world to the angelic realm, and vice versa. 

There is such a magical brightness that makes this stone so heavenly and special.

selenite salt lamp

There are many benefits to be had from this stone. 

Selenite crystals help remove any blockages in your body because of its magical healing properties. If you place a Selenite Wand in any area of your body that feels tired or sore, you will feel the difference in about 20 minutes.

  • You can hold the wands whenever you need to calm your mind or focus, you can hold on to it in order to clear your head or any energy blockages you might have from your day. It is an excellent helper when it comes to relaxation and clearing of the mind. 

If you are usually very busy to do a proper Aura cleansing ritual, you can wear a Selenite Pendant throughout the day. This is an excellent solution for those who need to have their minds and bodies balanced throughout the day and keep stress levels as low as possible.
This crystal will charge you and keep you balanced.

When you hold to a Selenite Wand you will most definitely feel the energy of light it holds within!

The Selenite surrounds your body with protective energy at any time of your day. It cleanses and rejuvinated your aura especially while you sleep. When you wake up, you will feel more rested and refreshed.


  • Selenite crystals are white and very bright. They are named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon. This is why they are so powerful!
  • Its healing properties are about activation and reaching higher planes. It radiates light energy and promotes purity and honesty. If you hold it, you will be honest to yourself.
  • It has a liquid like energy fluidity.
  • Selenite can raise awareness and align your chakras.

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