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4 Amazing Cleansing Rituals for the New Year

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4 Amazing Cleansing Rituals for the New Year- Get what you want from 2019
Did you know? Many rituals can be done through the year to meditate, let go or attract anything you’re looking for.


Attract Love, Wealth and Healing.

Rituals anchor us and give us a sense of belonging to something much more significant than ourselves. They carry meaning and substance into our lives.

Maybe you have a morning ritual/routine or one you do at night time or perhaps you have a weekly one. These enhance our daily, weekly and even yearly routines, enriching and guiding us through life. They give us a sense of guidance and feeling of being routed. By doing rituals, we increase our mind’s capacity to attract anything we want and speak to the universe. They also help to overcome obstacles, strengthen our relationships with ourselves and others, as well as giving us feelings of harmony, joy, and abundance. Rituals also let us “come back to the center” and think about what we are thankful for in life. Rituals have great Influence over our Minds.

Just like in Feng Shui symbolism, rituals help us accomplish our goals and to get over adversity in life. Brain research confirms that a part of our brain reads this as if it were true. So, when participating in a ritual or intentionally placing a symbol at home, you are telling your brain you’ve already completed whatever you’ve enacted symbolically- Meaning that you have already won, victory is yours already. 

Deep Cleansing Ritual- Out with the Old

Receive the NEW by clearing out the OLD.

Get into your closets, storage, garage, and start clearing out anything that you feel clutters up your home’s energy. Anything you feel you won’t need or don’t have any special feelings for, throw out what you feel will not be useful to you next year.

After this, start burning the powerful Triple Cleansing Bundle, which consists of Cedar + Blue Sage + White sage. An exclusive mix available in our store.

Burn it in corners, inside closets and hidden spaces. Waft it along the walls of every room. If you feel a room is filled with stagnant energy, stay here for a couple of more minutes.

After cleansing, refresh the home with Juniper Berries

End the ritual by placing small Salt Cures in corners to keep the energy cleansed for a longer time.

Aura Cleansing - Getting Ready to Receive the New Energy.

Getting close to the year’s ending, we all feel exhausted. Many are very stressed out from work, family, holiday shopping and so much more! Our body’s energy field has accumulated energy from the entire year. It is stuck in our bodies and auras, and just like the previous ritual, we also need to cleanse ourselves from the old to make room for the new.

If we want to receive the new energy from the Universe, then we need to be ready to receive it in a “clean” state.

Cleanse your aura with The Aura Cleanser made of Lavender, Lemongrass, Fennel Seeds and White Sage.

To finish off and to help you stay grounded, use the Liquid Light Selenite Crystal in wand or pendant form.

Attract the Love You Deserve

Finding the right partner can be tough. There are many rituals you can perform to help make this happen, here is an easy one that can help you find your one true love.

1. Smudge your bathroom into your bedroom, focusing on the room itself. Smudge it once every two weeks. Light your sage stick, (you don’t need to use it all, store it for another use) and use a fan to waft the smoke around the room. Don't forget to focus on the corners, and behind the furniture.

2. There are some specific scents to burn to attract love into your life. These will help raise the energy of love around you. Light and smoke once a week The Love Ritual Bundle which contains: Ylang Ylang + Geranium + Rose + Jasmine + Sandalwood + Ginger.

3. Place crystals stones that emit vibrations of love (like ROSE QUARTZ) in your bedroom and close to your bed. Attract and activate more love energy by displaying Love symbols in your bedroom and close to your main entrance, find these in the Love & Relationship Catalog.

Wealth & Prosperity Attraction Ritual

We all wish for a prosperous and wealthy year ahead. So, keeping in mind how powerful rituals are, here is a great Money Attracting Ritual you can do at home.

1. Place a wealth bowl on the southeast side of the house.

2. Place a Jade Money Plant near the workspace and care for it throughout the year

3. Place a water fountain where the morning sun hits and refill as much as needed.

Water is a potent symbol of wealth- when in movement or flowing, it represents wealth flowing your way.

Burn the Money Drawing Blend once a week throughout the entire house and leave it burning in the SE corner of the house or living room.

Important! As part of the maintenance of this ritual throughout the year, fix any taps and cure drains in bathrooms to reverse the effect of draining money.

More information on how to fix this, in our Bathroom Cures Catalog. 

Take some time for yourself and try these rituals to start the best year yet. 

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