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3-Eyed Dzi Wealth Amulet: Manifest Prosperity and Connection

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This beautiful bead symbolizes the manifestation of wealth, enabling you to connect with your body, mind, and heart to achieve good health, success, and prosperity. The 3-Eyed bead is believed to be the physical expression of the Hindu God of wealth, Kubera. It holds the power to align all three key components of your being, bringing harmony and synergy. By connecting your body, mind, and heart, you create a powerful foundation for attracting good health, achieving success in your endeavors, and accumulating wealth. Crafted with Agate DZi bead and black obsidian, this amulet exudes both beauty and strength. The Agate DZi bead represents abundance and the accumulation of serious wealth, serving as a constant reminder of your financial goals. Black obsidian, known for its protective properties, shields you from negativity and enhances the flow of positive energy. The stretchable cord ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to carry the amulet with ease and convenience. Wear it as a daily reminder of your connection to prosperity and the path you're on towards financial success.