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NEW! Five Manifestations of Wealth Bracelet

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The Five Dzambhala Colors represent different aspects and qualities associated with the Five Dzambhala deities. The 5 Dzambhalas is a group of wealth deities who are believed to bestow blessings of abundance and prosperity. Each Dzambhala deity is associated with a specific color and represents various aspects of wealth and abundance. The meanings of the Five Dzambhala Colors are as follows:

  1. Yellow Dzambhala: Yellow is the color of wealth and abundance. Yellow Dzambhala is associated with increasing wealth, material prosperity, and financial success. Yellow Dzambhala is believed to bring financial stability and abundance.

  2. White Dzambhala: White is the color of purity and spiritual awakening. White Dzambhala represents spiritual wealth, inner peace, and the purification of negative karma. By connecting with White Dzambhala, one can cultivate spiritual abundance and clarity.

  3. Red Dzambhala: Red is the color of passion and activity. Red Dzambhala embodies the qualities of power, magnetism, and the ability to overcome obstacles. By connecting with the Red Dzambhala is believed to enhance personal strength, confidence, and the ability to achieve goals.

  4. Green Dzambhala: Green is the color of growth, fertility, and healing. Green Dzambhala symbolizes abundance in health, vitality, and the flourishing of life energy. Connecting with Green Dzambhala is believed to bring physical and emotional well-being.

  5. Blue Dzambhala: Blue is the color of wisdom and spiritual insight. Blue Dzambhala represents the wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual attainment. By invoking Blue Dzambhala, one can cultivate spiritual wealth, intuition, and deep understanding.

This bracelet is available in Green Jade or Black Obsidian 8mm beads and Sand Gold charms. One standard size 7". If you need a different size, please add the request in the note section during the check out, or send us an email.




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