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Wu Lou Amulet to Safeguard Your Well-being and Invite Longevity

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The Blue Wulou Health Protection Amulet is a powerful talisman designed to safeguard against illnesses and speed up the healing process. The Wulou, also known as the Gourd of Longevity, is the ultimate symbol of good health, long life, and prosperity. It is believed to hold the elixir of immortality and is often associated with Sau, the God of Longevity. The shape of the Wulou represents the union of heaven and earth, amplifying its lucky energies when depicted with other auspicious symbols. Medicinal herbs and flowers represent the power of nature in healing and restoring balance. The Anti-Illness Amulet strengthens your defenses against illnesses, providing an extra layer of protection. Additionally, the peaches and peonies depicted on the amulet symbolize longevity and attract love and romance vibrations. By carrying this amulet, you not only protect your health but also invite positive and loving energies into your life.  Let it be a constant reminder of the importance of nurturing your physical and mental health.

Metal charm measure 4.5" L

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