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Wealth & Protection Feng Shui Bracelet-18K Gold + Real Obsidian

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Made of 10mm Authentic Obsidian and Mantra Beads and 18K Gold Plated Pixiu, strung on. double elastic cord. 100% quality guaranteed.

Wear the Favorite bracelet for wealth and protection. Real obsidian mantra beads and 18K Gold plated Pixiu.  This crystal protects from fixation, sorcery, and ill fortune. The Pixiu is a popular symbol to attract riches and abundance, it is said to have a voracious appetite for jewels that seems to have no end, this makes him a symbol of good fortune and lucky amulet to Attract, Acquire and Preserve Wealth.  Wear this bracelet on the left hand.  This Bracelet is made of 18K Gold plated Pixiu, authentic black obsidian and OM symbol beads arranged in count of 8 beads. The vibration of this number attracts wealth and abundance. Wear this bracelet on the left hand with the Pixiu head facing outward (Pixiu's paws must face outward, not towards you). Stretchable cord, please select your size for a perfect fit. Free custom size!

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Measuring your wrist: Use a piece of string to measure your wrist and lay the string back out on a ruler to get your measurement.