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Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet for Wealth- 18K Gold- Sea Sediment

Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet for Wealth- 18K Gold- Sea Sediment

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This wealth bracelet is made of 8mm Sea Sediment beads, 18K gold plated Pixiu and beads. Visit our Pixiu Bracelet Catalog here  

Real crystals possess great vibrational energy! 

Just like everything else in the universe, we each have our own unique vibrational frequency. People with higher vibrations radiate kindness, love, peace, and attracts good things in their lives. People with lower vibrations experience more low-vibe emotions like jealousy, anxiety, anger, or fear.  

Whatever frequency you’re at, as a human, your vibration is very unstable and very easily influenced. It changes constantly as we’re exposed to other people, social media, the news, traffic, the weather, good news, bad news, our own memories, etc.  

Crystals, on the other hand, have a super stable energy frequency that doesn’t change. Why? They’re made up of a fixed, regularly repeating, perfect geometric pattern of molecules. And they maintain their perfect stability with no effort. Exactly the opposite of our constantly changing, non-stable human nature.  

So why does the stability of a crystal matter? Well, more stable energy = more powerful energy. And powerful energy can influence the energies around it. This is why crystals can so profoundly influence our energy and help us to attract positives things.  Wear real crystals! 


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    Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet for Wealth

    Posted by Christina Smith on 27th Apr 2022

    Beautiful bracelet and very well made. Every time I order from Unique Feng Shui I’m always pleased and impressed with the quality.

  • 5

    Posted by BERTHA SARJEANT on 18th Sep 2021

    Love it

  • 5
    Pixiu Bracelet

    Posted by Erica B. on 8th Dec 2020

    Absolutely stunning.

  • 5
    II love it

    Posted by Marsha on 15th Sep 2020

    I got the bracelet. It’s very pretty. i love it and the size fits me perfectly.

  • 5
    very pretty

    Posted by cae on 15th Sep 2020

    This is very pretty. I can’t stop looking at it. Quality is excellent.

  • 5

    Posted by Rose on 9th Sep 2020

    This Item is Stunning.
    Absolutely Beautiful.
    I more than Highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Pixiu Bracelet

    Posted by Nanette Vaughn on 23rd Aug 2020

    I love it. It feels like the energy flowing through my hands

  • 5
    18K GOLD SEA SEDIMENT WEALTH PI YAO BRACELET 2 reviews Write a Review $29.00 Qty: 1 SKU:SEDIMENT-PIXUE-BRA FREE Custom Sizes! : * 5.5" 6" 6.5" 7" 7.5" 8" Standard Women's bracelet size 6.5" Standard Men's bracelet size 7.5" Curr

    Posted by Amber on 16th Jul 2020

    Absolutely stunning. Beautifully crafted. Brilliant colors. Sizing is perfect. I very much love this piece.

  • 5
    18K Gold Sea Sediment Wealth Pi Yao Bracelet

    Posted by Julia on 9th Jun 2020

    This is a beautiful and unique bracelet and I’m very pleased with it but there is no citrine stone in this bracelet. Not sure if they changed the design or the description is incorrect.

  • 5
    Gorgeous bracelet

    Posted by Paula on 30th Apr 2020

    It is a beautiful and unique bracelet. An elegant combination of rare stones and 18K gold.