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Wealth ALTAR 20 Pieces Full Set

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This set includes high-quality items. We include instruction HOW and WHEN to do your wealth rituals.

A must-have Altar for Wealth and Money Luck. This full set includes the most important Deities and symbols to attract wealth luck. Ready to set up and make your own ceremonies, light incenses to the God of Wealth or simply display in the wealth corner of your house. According to the feng shui principles, the wealth area in your home is located in the southeast. You also have your own personal wealth direction based on your DOB but you can use the southeast perfectly to tap into this luck. If this area falls into a bathroom, garage, closet or laundry room, do not place it here, because the energy is wasted. Send me an email so I can help to find your personal wealth direction to use instead ( this reading is free for those purchasing the wealth set, it has a value of $20 when purchased separately)

This Beautiful Set includes:
1 God of Wealth made in porcelain beautifully finished in an impressive golden color-the color of wealth ( 10" H)
1 Bejeweled Vasudara, Goddess of Wealth, this beautiful figure is made entirely in metal decorated w/rhinestones. ( 4" H)
1 Dzambhala Wealth God ( 4.5" H)
1 The Laughing Money Buddha ( 4"H)
1 Wealth Pot made of Topaz stone 1.10 Lb ( 4"W) filled with gold ingots
1 Bronze Antique Wealth Vase filled with ingots ( 3" W)
1 Money Frog with coin ( 2.5" W)
4 assorted citrine & amethyst Druzes ( approximately 1" wide each)
3 Lucky stones - natural crystals: luck, wealth, success
1 Money Drawing Box incenses (20 sticks)
1 Spirit Incense Box
1 Metal burner plate to burn incenses and cones, high-quality item.
2 Double Happiness Red boxes to elevate Deities when setting the altar
This set is shipped in Priority service,it weights approximately 6 LB