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Time to make a Money Altar


Let's talk about creating a dedicated money altar.

One of the first questions we ask individuals when discussing money, finances, and creating a life of abundance is, "What do you have on your money altar?" More often than not, the response is a puzzled look and a "What's that?"

A money altar is a sacred space within your home dedicated to inviting wealth, prosperity, and abundance into your life. This practice is advised by many, and for good reason. If we cannot set aside a small space to honor the goodness of life and invite abundance into our homes, we may inadvertently be closing doors to untold treasures.

So, here's a step-by-step guide to help you create a powerful, beautiful money altar, enhancing your wealth, attracting money, and engaging with real prosperity.

1. Choosing the Right Space: Decide where you want to create your money altar. It could be an entire room, a cozy corner, or even a windowsill. In Feng Shui, the southeast direction is linked to the money area. Alternatively, choose your personal wealth direction or the north sector, associated with the water element that nourishes the southeast element. Both are auspicious for wealth.

2. Dedicating the Space: The next step is to dedicate your chosen space. Dedication sets it apart from the rest of your home, making it sacred. You can do this through prayer, blessings, spiritual cleansing, or the burning of resins and incense. You might even want to involve your ancestors, adding items that connect with their financial success.

3. Honoring with Ceremony: Determine what kind of ceremony resonates with you. It could involve prayer, lighting candles, reciting a specific mantra, working with crystals or lodestones, or using a prosperity box. Be sure to include items like green or gold candles, incense, and resins that draw money, as well as figures of deities associated with wealth and abundance.

4. Inviting Your Allies: Various deities, gods, goddesses, or holy helpers are known to assist in attracting wealth on multiple levels. Choose figures or deities that resonate with you and are believed to enhance your prosperity.

5. Blessing Your Projects: Reflect on the projects or aspirations you're passionate about and the amount of money you desire. Use your altar as a space to bless your dreams, acknowledge your successes, and seek divine blessings.

6. Letting Go of the Old: Abundance isn't just about attracting new wealth; it also involves making space for it. Identify what no longer aligns with your financial goals and release it.

Remember, your money altar is a potent space where you connect with the energy of abundance. It's where you acknowledge blessings, seek guidance, and pave the way for a wealthier and more prosperous life. Use it consistently, and watch the transformation unfold.

Discover an array of beautiful and powerful deities and items you can add to your Feng Shui money altar to enhance its energy and bring more wealth and prosperity into your life.