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SOUTHEAST- Wealth & Prosperity

Wealth Zone Makeover

"Transforming Your Home's Wealth Area for Abundance"


Wealth is one of the most important Bagua areas in Feng Shui because it reflects your and your family's wealth and prosperity. 

Enhancing this area with unique objects and decorations will significantly benefit your financial luck. 

Display Auspicious Decoration 

You can display beautiful Feng Shui decor that will act as money magnets and create a sense of wealth. Place objects representing wealth, such as a wealth bowl, vases, a wealth deity, or a wealth ship. We have beautiful items in our catalog for you to choose from.

Creating a Focal Point: Designate a specific table or area as a focal point for wealth objects. This arrangement draws attention to the wealth area and serves as a visual reminder of your intention to attract abundance.

Distributing Objects Around the Area: If you prefer a more distributed approach, you can strategically place wealth objects throughout the wealth area.

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