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SKY LEOPARD for those Embarking on New Ventures

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Elevate your cosmic advantage with the empowering presence of the Sky Leopard.

As the 7th animal of the Green Dragon Constellation, the Sky Leopard embodies strength, power, and endurance, offering the unique ability to adapt and camouflage as needed. This celestial creature serves as a formidable protector, shielding you from unseen harm while symbolizing royalty and the pursuit of a prosperous life. Ideal for those embarking on new ventures, exploring uncharted territories, engaging with unfamiliar individuals, or establishing fresh alliances, the Sky Leopard acts as a potent guardian against deceit, betrayal, and other potential dangers. With its influence, you gain courage, determination, and a distinct cosmic advantage, ensuring your journey is guided by celestial support and unwavering protection.

Metal figure measure 4.5" H