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feng shui rooster

Rooster is a powerful deflector of politicking at Work.

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The rooster’s feng shui potency are attributed to the glorious comb on its head and the sharp claws on its feet. Best used as powerful deflectors of politicking and backbiting at the work place, roosters bring wonderful harmony to any office or workplace.

Anyone in a corporate environment likely to face jealousy from colleagues and co-workers will benefit enormously from displaying this powerful rooster on the desk. So if your son or daughter has just started working in a high stress job, get him/her a rooster.

The rooster also brings amazing relationship luck for anyone born in the year of the Snake, Ox or Dragon. If you are one of these animal signs, displaying a rooster on your desk will bring you the luck of loyal friends and allies.

Remember that you must place the rooster on the West side of your table. 

Rooster figure measures 8" H