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The Bejeweled Peach Blossom Rooster is designed to activate one's Peach Blossom luck (Tao Hua Yun). It is the luck that helps in the area of love. Display it to enhance your love life; if you are single, the Peach Blossom Rooster love energizer will find you a marriage partner. If you are in a relationship and awaiting engagement, this love enhancer will prompt your partner to propose. Not only does it instigate, the Peach Blossom Rooster is said to also fix damaged relationships and give them revived romance.

The Rooster is the Peach Blossom ("Tao Hua") animal of the Rat, Dragon and Monkey. If you are any of this Chinese zodiac sign, display the Peach Blossom Rooster in the West, preferably in the bedroom to activate your Peach Blossom Luck - the luck that brings you romance and attracts love luck and long-term commitment into your life.

This beautiful Bejeweled Peach Blossom Rooster figurine under a cherry blossom tree have a secret compartment to keep your wishes for good luck in love, romance, relationships and marriage.

Bejeweled metal figure measure 5"H

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