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Feng Shui Selling a House. How to emotionally detach from your house and sell it fastest

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 1st Dec 2019

Steps to Conduct a Cleansing Ritual for Leaving your Old Home and Sell it!

Change happens, this can mean good or negative feelings. Sometimes leaving an old home behind can cause different types of emotions, excitement or joy, in other cases in can cause nostalgy, melancholy or sadness.

This happens with any big change that happens in our lives.

When we project ourselves in a newer, fresher home we can experience feelings of cheerfulness and looking forward to the big move. But sometimes we move out of an old house because of other issues, like marital, financial or other inconveniences. These can make us experience feelings of loss or sadness.

Whichever the case may be, we are going to focus on this rituals’ main goal which is having to say goodbye, or in some way “ending” our emotional attachment to the house, this, like in any relationship might sometimes be useful to start off fresh somewhere else.

Sometimes, these emotional attachments make it difficult for people to sell their properties, it just feels like the sale never comes around even if we know others might be interested in the house. This is because of the emotional ties we have with it, it happens very often and with really anything that has been “ours” for some period of time.  A ritual like this one helps that helps detach from our old home is necessary for the sale of the house to happen more rapidly and to give ourselves a sense of completion of the cycle.

This ritual will make it possible for us to “thank” the house for all the great memories made and take them to our new home to fill with the same joys and happy moments. Emotions and energy will move with you too.


A tall white or pink candle, 1 Sage Smudge, 1 Clear Quartz cluster, and your favorite crystal.

Make sure you cleanse the crystals before this ritual, place them in a bowl with water and salt and leave for about 3-4 hours. Then, rinse under tap water for 1 minute.

Before the ritual, set your intentions of gratefulness to your old home for all of the happy moments and shelter it has provided through this time. Then, ask for it to turn in all of these happy memories and energies to you, so you can take to your new home.


Place these elements on an altar. If you don’t have one, you can simply use a table for this occasion. You can place any photos or other elements you may think are necessary for this parting process.

  1. Light the candle in the middle and place the crystals and rest of the elements around it.
  2. Light the Sage smudge from the candle’s flame and start smudging your energy (body/aura)
  3. Go to the center of the home and face each cardinal direction, one by one, pointing with the smudge stick.
  4. Ask to release your energy from the house with gratitude and love.
  5. Go into every room, asking for the release of memories and moments. Take as much time as needed in each room.
  6. As you go by each room, take only the best memories with you.
  7. Come back to the center of the home and extinguish the smudge stick.
  8. Light the mix and take the clear quartz into your palm. Start walking into each room once again, asking to take the best memories with to to your new home. Visualize the memories being securely saved into the crystal. Take as much time as needed.
  9. Come back to the center of the home and place the crystal next to the candle. Take your time to be alone with the house.
  10. When finished, extinguish the candle and pack the crystal.


  • Hang a large wind chime at the entrance to attract buyers, the metal sound will attract the wealth energy.https://goo.gl/EoTRF4
  • Place a bowl of Pyrite stones near to the entrance. Pyrite is a very attractive stone and resonates with the vibration of wealth.  https://goo.gl/etYjL7
  • Place a red color doormat or rug at the entrance or immediately after entering the house. Red is the color of energy, motivation and movement. Or hang bells in red string like this beautiful Six bells:  https://goo.gl/xiVf4g