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3 TIPS for Feng Shui Entryway  you don't want to miss

3 TIPS for Feng Shui Entryway you don't want to miss

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 14th Nov 2019


Entryways and hallways should have powerful yang energy, which will play a very important role in bringing good fortune into the house. Keep these areas bright and uncluttered at all times.

While all entrances should be kept uncluttered and easily accessible, the front or main door is of particular importance and should be focused on.

1. Let it flow and keep it neat:

Ensure that your front door opens easily and fully. Also make sure that it is free from fading or peeling paint, as this is an indication of depleted chi. If this is the case, simply apply a fresh coat of paint to revitalize the door. If you are able to select a new color, consider the Feng Shui colors of Red, which will bring prosperity and abundance, and Green, which will help to attract money.

2. Make it bright!

Be sure to install bright lights on either side of the doorway to lift the energy of the entrance with positive, yang energy.

3.Choose the right color:

To increase the Feng Shui benefits to your main entrance, consider applying principles specific to the direction of your main door. Listed below are the specific rules you can apply depending on the direction of your entrance. 

Choose your colors.

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