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Protecting the Entrance with Magical Obsidian

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Your entrance act as entrance for energy to enter your home from the exterior. Keeping this area purified is essential for maintaining a healthy energetic environment.

As everyone who lives with you or visits can bring the mixes emotions of their days to your door, you can use this ancient stone as symbolic mirror to deflect incoming frustrations and upsets. Obsidian stone repels and transforms negativity. Blocks geomagnetic stress, and release a vibration of protection.

Place obsidian stones on the hall, to the side of the front door,  he best position is on a small table or shelf or hanging a bag of stones on the door knob.

Bear in mind that clutter space or poor lighting can inhibit your crystals’ ability.

Quantity: 1/2 Pound of Obsidian Crystals.

Instructions included.