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Pi Yao Cure for Tai Sui affliction

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The Pi Yao is most used in feng shui as symbol of protection and to appease the annual astrological Tai Sui affliction, visiting the West of any house or residence during 2020. It means that houses facing West direction should display a Pi Yao figure facing the door. People occupying a room in the Westor working in this sector should display the Pi Yao or carrying the Pi Yao or Tai Sui amulet to avoid a direct confrontation and avoid misfortune. People occupying rooms or working in this sector try to face the East (the opposite direction) if you sleep or work in this room, have the Tai Sui on the back as support instead confronting him.


Other placements:

  • Display this auspicious image of Pi Yao in the home when anyone is suffering from bad feng shui. Thus, those enduring a period of bad luck soon after moving into a new home or soon after undertaking renovations in you house or office.
  • Display a Pi Yao anywhere in your living room (best in the east sector and lower than eye level of the tallest family member) if you intend to renovate your existing house or move into a new home/premise to overcome obstacles and guard your family against bad feng shui due to alterations. It ensures good health to your family.
  • For those who travel long distance frequently, place it facing out directly at the main door (or placing one in your car) to prevent injuries, accidents and ensuring successful and fruitful journeys with good business deals. Putting a Pi Yao in this position will also promise good fortune that enters your house being trapped in the stomach of Pi Yao and its fierce look can ward off evil spirits.  
Avoid placing this item in bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.
Figure measure 3" H