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Optical Quartz to help your Studying & Schoolwork

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Optical Quartz 


Optical Quartz from the Brazil mines are clear, dug out of a thick layer of clay, and then washed.


This Quartz feels very young and playful compared with other types of quartz points, but the energy is very clear and strong. Clear Quartz is the "Stone of Power" and can help to amplify any energy or intention. 

The Optical Crystal has the power to assist students while studding and who are attempting to increase their grades and exam results. To be used effectively, the student should, during study time, either place the Crystal Point beside them or hold some crystals it in their left hand. In addition to this, having the Crystal by your side during the actual test will allow you to attain the grades that you desire. There have been many tales of success, and the Crystal is very easy to use; the only thing to remember is that it should remain as personal luck, so do not let others make use of yours.

Includes one bow of Clear Quartz crystals.