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Networking & Friendship Luck Bracelets

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 Wear this bracelet to attract network, friendship and good alliances luck. Select the bracelet that include your zodiac sign.

Your horoscope allies are the animals that share the same horoscope affinity triangle with you which causes similar personalities and outlook toward life. The combined strength of your zodiac allies will give you the energy and luck to breeze through life without impediments. You can take heart to know that you have these allies and secret friend to help you navigate through problems in school or in your workplace.

Wearing your allies charms enables you to "borrow" their luck to help you see through the year and rise above the afflictions when your feng shui prediction is not good. This will also invite the luck of helpful people into your life and help you garner support and goodwill of friends.

White Jade 10mm beads with 18K gold plated components. Stretchable cord