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INFINITY KNOT Bracelet for Unblocked Roads & Success

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The Mystic Knot, representing infinity and eternity, signifies a long, happy life enriched with endless good fortune. It's a favorite auspicious sign in China, symbolizing clarity and unblocked paths, ensuring all roads are open and smooth. It protects against illness, brings longevity, ensures good health, and symbolizes everlasting love.

Bloodstone, revered for centuries as a mystical stone, eliminates malicious forces and negative energy. It protects against unwanted visitors, disperses bad intentions, and reduces bad chi in the body. Emotionally, it lessens anger and impatience, while mentally, it promotes clarity and quick thinking. Bloodstone revitalizes the mind, boosts self-confidence and creativity, and enhances quality of life.

Jade symbolizes serenity, purity, and love. It attracts good luck, nurtures friendships, and promotes harmony. Jade stabilizes the personality, soothes the mind, releases negative thoughts, and stimulates ideas. Known as a “dream stone,” it brings insightful dreams and aids in emotional release, especially irritability, encouraging authenticity.

Bead's measure: 8mm beads. White jade and blood stone on stretchable cord.