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If your child has trouble Focusing & tends to get Overexcited

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If your child has trouble focusing/concentrating and tends to easily get overexcited, several pieces of hematite will help with a grounding quality of energy. You can place it either in your child's room, or in the West feng shui area of your home.

1/4 Pound of hematite stones. Instructions included



If you are prone to muscle cramps it is best to keep your hematite crystal with you at all times. This stone will increase the blood flow in the body, releasing the tightness and restriction in the muscles. When you feel a spasm starting, place the crystal on the affected muscle wrapping your hands around the stone for about 5-10 minutes- Feel the crystals’ restorative vibrations easing the pain and lessening the contraction.


Protects and prevents bad energies entering the home. Place hematite’s stones at the entrance to deflect unpleasant attitudes or unwanted visitors, disgruntled visitors can all deplete the positive of your entrance. Hematite stone is a powerful protector, builds a healing shield around the entrance. Place the hematite crystals outside the door by hanging a small clothe bag (included) from the knob or under the doormat. Hold them and ask that they protect your entrance and heal all the people that call there. Trust in their curative powers.  Instructions included