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Steps to Create a Good Feng Shui for your Home


There are some basic steps to creating a good flow of energy at home easily. If you are just starting out, there is no need to worry; you can make your home environment more welcoming, comfortable and balanced without having to stress. However, if you are ever interested in going deeper into Feng Shui, you can then start to map out your "Bagua Areas," learn about the "Flying Stars" and much more.
But for now, let's take a look at the basic steps to creating a good Feng Shui energy for your home.

  • Make sure the Main Entrance is not blocked by anything, neither outside or inside. No trees, no clutter, or garbage cans outside. The entrance is the mouth of "chi" or energy at home. Make sure it is well lit, maybe a few flowers or pots, this needs to be your most welcoming area, you can even have a water fountain next to it to promote incoming wealth energy. 
  • The three most important points at home are the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. If these areas are balanced and all Feng Shui fixes have been taken care of, this automatically shifts your home's energy into a complete harmony. 
  • Good Feng Shui at home is equal to maintaining a fresh energy setting at all times, including having aromatherapy or incense burning, as well as having no blockages anywhere around, good lighting, and always clean air. If you can roam freely at home and if you feel "centered" yourself, then this means a good Feng Shui is being created.
  • Feng Shui uses symbols as elements to attract and boost different types of energy. For example for love, career luck, wealth and health. Symbols play a vital role because they work in the subconscious, this helps create and manifest anything you are looking to attract into your life.

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