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The Vibrational Energy of Crystals 

Everything in this universe, including the universe itself, vibrates at various rates and frequencies. These vibrations occur at the molecular level and it is the frequency that particularly differentiates one object from another.  

In most cases, due to the structure of the object, these vibrations may cancel each other. The unique structure of crystals, however, allows these vibrations to add up and radiate as energy. Energy radiated from the healing stones is subtle and positive. The interesting part is each stone has a different frequency.  

People have been studying these properties of crystals for many centuries. Different stones have been used to heal various conditions and problems. 

How Do Healing Stones Affect our Body?  

Human body contains almost the same elements that compose stones and crystals. Elements such as carbon and hydrogen are present in these stones as well as in our body. The only difference is the form and structure they are in. Inside our body, these elements produce vibrations in almost a similar manner. However, this vibration is disturbed by the vibrations created by impurities in our body. As a result, the energy level of our body is distorted and some area of the body may get deprived of the required vibration energy that is essential to keep them working in sync with rest of the body.  

That is where healing stones can help. Unlike our body parts, these stones are immune to chaotic distortions. They emit vibrations at a constant rate. These pure and strong vibrations can be introduced to our body in order to fight the distortions created by impurities. When the vibration balance is restored, physical, spiritual and mental well-being is also achieved.


How are Healing Stones used? 

Different crystals have different frequencies and that is why each of them has its specific use and healing property. It is important to find a crystal that emits proper frequency of vibrations required by your body. Some of them are used to influence mood and behavior, some of them can effect mental and personal development and some of them can directly influence your health. 

Ultimately, these healing stones can influence your attitude, health, wealth and relationships. 

No gemstone has a singular purpose; multiple healing qualities are housed within a single stone. However, some stones have earned a reputation to be especially helpful in certain areas. You could consider these stones healing specialists.


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