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Fluorite crystal for focus and sharp mind

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Fluorite is a particularly beneficial healing crystal for the mind. It promotes the organization of information. It helps to link new information with what is already known, encouraging useful connections between ideas for deeper understanding. Beneficial for students and scholars alike, wearing fluorite earrings or keeping a sphere in the area for study, improves concentration and imparts a sharp mind. This stone brings the energy of clarity of truth and ordered, objective thoughts. It works to dispel a myopic viewpoint, preconceived notions, and illusions.

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

The metaphysical properties of fluorite make this crystal a wonderful tool for psychic healing and spiritual development. It acts to protect from outside influences, manipulation, and mental influence. It also has a purifying effect on the aura and chakras, removing negative energy. With its penchant for order, any stress, chaotic energy, or psychological disorder will be directed towards calm, clear structuring.

Fluorite is capable of speeding spiritual awakening. By releasing ingrained belief systems and clearing the mind, it encourages intuition and individual spiritual awareness. Its use in meditation and psychic healing builds a connection with the universal. This same energy brings solidarity to a group of people.

Different Colors and Characteristics of Fluorite Crystal

All forms of this mineral share the same energy characteristics. Fluorite does come in a range of colors, each with its own influence. 

  • Blue fluorite encourages clear, focused thoughts and communication and balances theenergy of the subtle bodies.
  • Yellow fluorite does not promote order, but it does attract wealth and abundance, teach manifestation, and heightens the mind.
  • Green fluorite is ideal for healing infections and deep emotional hurt by absorbing the negative and accessing the subconscious.
  • Purple fluorite is a great variety of this crystal for meditation and spiritual work, stimulating the third eye chakra.
  • Clear fluorite balances all of the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra and connection with spirit. It also strengthens other healing crystals.


AAA Quality Crystal-  Bracelet is made of different colors of Fluorite Crystals 8 mm round beads in a stretchable cord.