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New Year's Wealth Attraction Ritual

One of the things we most wish for is for a financially comfortable year and to attract as much wealth and prosperity as possible. So keeping in mind how powerful rituals are, perform this Feng Shui Money Attraction Ritual to activate fortune incoming to your home in a New Year.

How to perform the ritual:

1. Place a wealth bowl filled with money symbols on the southeast side of the house.

2. Arrange a Jade Money Plant near the workspace and care for it throughout the year

3. Place a water fountain with the Dzambala figure where the morning sun hits and refill as much as needed. Water is a potent symbol of wealth; when in movement or flowing, it represents wealth flowing your way. The Dzambala is a must-have symbol to invite at home when you want to activate the money energy, and he always related to the water element in rituals to attract wealth.

4. Burn the Money Drawing Blend or scents such tangerine, once a week throughout the entire house and leave it burning in the SE corner of the house or living room.

Important: As part of the maintenance of this ritual throughout the year, fix any taps and cure drains in bathrooms to reverse the effect of draining money.

More information on how to fix this, in our Bathroom Cures Catalog.

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